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modello “TOBY WING”

Calia Italia modular sofa with removable backrests, Toby wing

Toby Wing – is not just a sofa, it puts new standards of relaxation and pleasure. Discover the secret to absolute comfort and experience the home space in a unique way, combining elegance and practicality in a unique design.

Modular sofa with removable backrests mod Toby Wing

Sofa detail: Extendable armrests.

Like real wings, the backrests and armrests unfold with ease and the sofa transforms into a bed.
The variety of modules is an inspiration for creativity to turn the Toby Wing into a true creation with its own individuality, style and character.

An interesting element is the double couch, on which two people can sit at the same time for even more fulfilling shared moments.

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